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True connoisseurs of the sport of baseball, without exception, appreciate one unique sound - the crack of a wood bat when a batter hits a pitched ball with the heart of the bat's sweet spot.  There's no better sound!  Pap Bats offers quality, hand crafted wood bats in Maple and Ash.  Each bat is individually turned and finished - the result?  A one-of-a-kind quality wood bat.

At Pap Bats, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quality bat of your choice.  Visit our "Models" page to view the various models currently offered.  Select that "special" bat and anticipate hearing that one-of-a-kind sound!  We also invite you to check back with us frequently as we continue to expand our inventory.

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Disclaimer and Warning:  Pap Bats’ wood bats and fungos are intended only for use by and/or under the direct supervision of a/an capable, experienced and/or trained individual.  Normal use and/or misuse of this bat or fungo can result in injury and/or death of the user and/or those around the user.  Pap Bats is not liable in any way for any injuries and/or deaths that may arise from normal use and/or misuse.  The user(s) of this bat or fungo understand this risk and remove all liabilities from Pap Bats and accept all liability for injuries and/or death that can occur from normal use and/or misuse.  Pap Bats is not liable for any monetary damages or injuries that can occur from the normal use and/or misuse of any wood bat or fungo sold by Pap Bats.  Users understand that by using a Pap Bats wood bat or fungo that he/she/they agree not to attempt to recover any monetary compensation for any injuries and/or death(s) that may occur from normal use and/or misuse of a Pap Bats wood bat or fungo.  By using a Pap Bats wood bat or fungo, the user acknowledges, agrees and consents with all terms in this disclaimer and warning.
Wood bats and fungos are unique and each wood bat or fungo is one of a kind.  Wood bats and fungos made from natural wood may contain natural defects which may not be known to the maker or the user which may naturally weaken the structure of the wood bat or fungo without the knowledge of Pap Bats or the user of the bat or fungo.  Proper use, inspection and maintenance of a wood bat or fungo is necessary to help prolong the use of the bat or fungo, and the safety of the user and those around the user.  Wood bats and fungos should be examined and inspected before each use for safety purposes.  If a defect, flaw or weakness is found in the bat or fungo, use should be immediately stopped, until the bat or fungo has been determined to be of safe, useable standards.